Just before the “dark day” of May 19, 1802, Lamberton Allen built a log cabin on this property, which was located just south of the present house. He was the first settler on Grand Isle.  It is recorded that he was the first tanner and currier of the island. Col. Ebenezer Allen and Lamberton constructed the first road on the island in 1783-84. This road, known as the “West Shore Rd,” linked the two properties.

Lamberton sold part of the property to Dr. Simeon Clark who built the present house in 1790. The post and beam house was built with hand-hewn timber and wooden pegged joints. Dr. Clark was the paymaster for the US Army. During the War of 1812, the house was invaded by British soldiers looking for gold coins. Not finding the gold which Dr. Clark had previously buried on the property they took some cooking utensils and geese. Returning to Valcour the soldiers cooked the geese for their evening meal.